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That Time You Hustled in Fuzzy Socks -- A Pocket Pep Talk


"It begins with a frustrated insomniac — me..."

What's the story behind my signature fuzzy socks? Why do I wear them, and what have they grown to symbolize in my life? And how can my fuzzy socks inspire the hustle you have been holding back?

The answers are here in my new e-book, Hustling in Fuzzy Socks, A Pocket Pep Talk.

Hustling in Fuzzy Socks begins with "That Time You Hustled in Fuzzy Socks," a new "That Time You" edition, and is followed by some of my favorite essays from the past two plus years. It's the perfect, bite-sized read for anyone whose self-limiting attitude is preventing an unstoppable spirit. And what's more? The download is FREE! Simply click the link above, and you'll be set to start a hustle of your own, reminded of the badass inside you.

Hustling in Fuzzy Socks is a message worth sharing. So please share my book link with anyone in need of that certain spark to kick-start their engine.


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