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That Time You Hustled in Fuzzy Socks -- A Pocket Pep Talk


"It begins with a frustrated insomniac — me..."

What's the story behind my signature fuzzy socks? Why do I wear them, and what have they grown to symbolize in my life? And how can my fuzzy socks inspire the hustle you have been holding back?

The answers are here in my new e-book, Hustling in Fuzzy Socks, A Pocket Pep Talk.

Hustling in Fuzzy Socks begins with "That Time You Hustled in Fuzzy Socks," a new "That Time You" edition, and is followed by some of my favorite essays from the past two plus years. It's the perfect, bite-sized read for anyone whose self-limiting attitude is preventing an unstoppable spirit. And what's more? The download is FREE! Simply click the link above, and you'll be set to start a hustle of your own, reminded of the badass inside you.

Hustling in Fuzzy Socks is a message worth sharing. So please share my book link with anyone in need of that certain spark to kick-start their engine.


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Annie D. Stutley

the short story

Back in 2017, “That Time You” took its first steps—a blog that humorously and inspiringly chronicled the chaos of everyday life. It was a canvas for what I referred to as “gaffes with glory” (what others may call hot mess success tales) and also resolutions for how to tackle seemingly insurmountable challenges, plus personal victories within the daily hustle. I've never had all the answers, and truth be told, I still don't. Yet, I spoke the language of the Hot Mess and Walking Disaster, understanding that we don't need to have it all figured out or succeed at everything to truly grasp our purpose.

However, 2021 brought a drastic turn: I faced a Stage 3 cancer diagnosis and tragically lost my mother during my sixth round of chemotherapy. My path forward seemed impossible. Stumbling took on a whole new weight—it became a burden I struggled to carry in a place where trust felt elusive. “That Time You” evolved at that point because I evolved. Stripped of my plans and the future I had envisioned, I found solace in my one constant: my faith.

Since surviving cancer (and the loss of a parent for the second time in a two-year period), I transitioned into a full-time editing role and also poured my energy into contributing monthly to three different magazines. “That Time You” was put on a purposeful pause—two years for recovery, rediscovery, and revision. I'm gearing up for a relaunch. This time around, whatever I share with you will be rooted in the wealth of experiences I’ve gained over the past three years, because sometimes stumbling becomes an essential part of our path, forcing us to dust off our fuzzy socks and bravely venture forward, wiser.

“That Time You” lives on, on this site, and I do promise to continue to share my misadventures with meaning and celebrate blunders alongside triumphs. Yet, I’ll be chronicling the certain enlightenment amidst life's darkness—a testament to faith and, hopefully, a guide for uncovering God's presence in every situation, whether it's the mundane or the profoundly challenging.


Thank you for being a part of this journey.

Much love,


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