Spring 2020 | Hattiesburg, Mississippi

That Time You Were THAT Mom

A Workshop for the Hot Mess Mama
That Time You Were THAT Mom

Event Location

Spring 2020
Hattiesburg, Mississippi

About this Workshop

Let's face it. Being a mom in the era of Pinterest and Instagram isn't easy. We place pressures on ourselves every day to reach an ideal our own mothers would have scoffed at. Thus, we have the invention of the Hot Mess Mom--a 21st century juggling act of structured play dates, non GMO fruit gummies, and monitored screen time, while maintining an up-do-date athleisure wardrobe, remembering personal mindfulness, and trying to down the 64 ounces of water we're told to consume in a single mommy-shit-show day. 

I'm singularly the hottest mess in PTA--or at least it feels that way. If you're a Hot Mess Mom too, join me for an evening of laughter, story telling, and mom-to-mom straight talk as we tackle the highs and lows of modern day parenting. Topics include perfection pressure, mom vs. mom conflict, transitioning to working mom, creating winners from a culture of participation trophies, family life, and parenting in the age of the times up movement. 

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