Spring 2020 | Baton Rouge, Louisiana

That Time You Were Enough

Embracing the most powerful word in our lexicon
That Time You Were Enough

Event Location

Spring 2020
Baton Rouge, Louisiana

About this Workshop

Near the end of every blog, I begin my conclusion with the following phrase: “I know enough to know.” To me, “enough” is one of the most powerful words of all. For if we are fulfilled, what more do we need? It’s unrequited freedom to choose to live our day-to-day with our enough--whatever that means to us personally. 

Join me for an invigorating evening of personal stories, shared discussion, and exercises about finding our "enough," staying focused in an era of constant distraction, letting go of negativity, seeking light and being light to others, discovering our personal all, and embracing the very best of who we are.

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