Spring 2020 | New Orleans, Louisiana

That Time You Remembered the Girls

Rewriting the book on female portrayal
That Time You Remembered the Girls

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Spring 2020
New Orleans, Louisiana

About this Workshop

"The story of women shouldn’t go to press until we stop judging one another based on our own insecurities rather than how fabulous our female friends do what they do best." -- From That Time You Wore Shorts to Rush Week, Burning the Book on Female Portrayal. 

Long ago, before the first catfight, snub, and spilled tea, a portrayal of women was taking shape. Our book was being written for us before we had the opportunity to give input. It was decided for us how we should look, behave, and what our callings should be. Left out of the pages was what we would want. It’s been a long, bumpy road, paved by brave women who starved themselves in protest or died so that you and I could have a smoother path. But we can do better. 

Subconsciously we’ve padded our portrayals. We believe we need beach bods while eyerolling those who sport them flawlessly. We believe in family so passionately that we mock women who don’t. We believe monogamy is a benchmark and slut shame those who never settle down. The ones who do settle down are sellouts. And ultimately, we hit a certain age and diffuse our moxie, quieting the opinionated girl inside because, otherwise, we’re too much. Then we wonder why we can’t trust each other, why we gossip, why we backstab, and why tabloids dub our actions “catfights.” 

Like it or not, we haven’t burned that bullshit book to the ground. We haven’t hit our stride where what we put out is what we want to take in, and ultimately, we have to ask ourselves if we are partly to blame for time not being up sooner.

Join me for a discussion for the girls, about the girls, and to remember the girls--a night when, as women, we come together to honestly worked through our portrayals, our weaknesses, how we can open our closed circles to those we misjudge, and how we can pave a smoother, more authentic path for the next generation of women. 

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