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Sometimes the best thing we can experience is to fall on our ass, leaving us no choice but to pull ourselves up by our fuzzy socks and start over.

Two years ago, I started over and began a blog chronicling every hot mess moment, new resolution, insurmountable tribulation, and personal triumph I experience in a day's hustle. I don't have all the answers, but I know enough to know there is nothing a gal pal and a glass of rosé can't solve. Pull your bar stool close to mine. Let's sort this shit out and head up the mountain together.

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That Time You

I don't always use a typewriter,

but when I do it's in a stock photo on my website!

Each Tuesday is a new opportunity to try again, or have a good cry, or maybe just laugh at ourselves. Is it self help? Is it wellness? Maybe it's girl talk or a peek into my personal therapy? Who the hell knows? My crazy is your crazy.

You can read That Time You in order or skip around by topic: Personal Growth, Relationships, Female Empowerment, Motherhood, Grief, Badass You, Adventure, and New Orleans.                

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Don't feel reading That Time You? No offense taken! How about listening to my crazy instead? Three blogs equal a 20 minute commute. That's a whole lot of my screw ups to start and end your day with. Cheers to that!



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"We do what we do out of the private passion for the thing itself."

Annie Dillard

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